Success Stories

 “I had a blast working with Jody over the course of a few months.  I learned so much and was able to implement smaller and more substantial changes over the course of our time working together that have made me a healthier, happier and better version of myself.  I really liked that Jody approached our sessions with an open mind – while of course she has the training and the knowledge to lay out a framework that would allow me reach my goals, she didn’t create a rigid plan or a one-size-fits all model that I had to shape myself into.  This allowed me to be 100% invested in reaching my goals and not feeling like it was a chore/task or something that I ‘had to do’.  Jody also opened MY very stubborn mind to the idea that some of my long held beliefs and feelings towards things – whether they be certain food items or obligations to social commitments or the number of times I went to the gym each week – were not always doing me any favors and that I should make sure I was taking care of myself first.  This has helped me significantly when making choices around what I am eating, how I am spending my time, and what is important.  I am looking forward to working with Jody again in the future when new life changes warrant the helping hand that I know I will receive from her :)”

Emily, 30, West Newbury, MA


I was referred to Jody by a member of the Crossfit team at Full Potential. I was eating like a 12 year old (I’m 58) and it  was compromising my workouts. They were becoming sluggish and I was always tired and cranky.  The more I worked out, the more poorly I was eating.  I couldn’t eat enough starches to satisfy my cravings.   My question was: Why was I craving starches?  So, what’s the food question that’s exhausting you?

My top three goals upon starting the program were: stop eating like a 12 year old, drink 1 gal of water /day; additional ½ gal /day on after Crossfit, reduce starch and sugar intake, and be loving with myself.  Jody was able to help me work toward these goals by giving me the strategies and knowledge to make changes one step at a time, by being gentle but firm with offering me alternatives and substitutes for the way I think and the foods I chose to eat, by affirming the positive and examining the negative as lessons to be learned, by providing follow up and feedback from each session, by offering resources and information, and by giving me a way to organize and keep track of the abundant information that she shared.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I make sure that:  I eat  like a smart 58 year old, I make it a point to consume good fats, proteins and fresh fruits and/or vegetables at  each meal and snack, I drink at least a gallon of water /day, I offer better choices of foods for my granddaughter to eat, I grocery shop with the intent of planning for better food choices at home, and I know how to substitute versus eliminating foods

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I AM COMFORTABLE WITH MYSELF!

I would describe Jody as a gifted coach. I believe that she has found her life’s work inspiring others to feed our   bodies with sound nutrition, and are hearts and mind with wisdom and humility. Her knowledge, skills and abilities  are comprehensive and thorough.  Her services and friendship far exceeded my expectations. Personally, I consider Jody to be a docile instrument of the Lord, and one of the most important people He has put in my life as a true blessing and answer to prayer.  

I would recommend Jody to anyone who suffers with food addiction and other diseases, or anyone who is         underweight, overweight, or struggling to maintain current weight, or anyone who wants to know more about nutrition and themselves. I would recommend Jody to all my family and friends near and far.

But honestly, I would rather not tell anyone about Jody so she would be my best kept secret!

Trish, 58, Kensington, NH



“I was introduced to Full Circle Health and Jody almost 2 years ago now. About 25 of us at my Crossfit gym got together to do a 30 day “challenge” that Jody was leading. We had all gathered to do the “Kick off” one Saturday AM and spent an hour listening and asking questions to Jody and her team. What I thought was going to be a “diet” was so much different; it included stretching, self-reflection, water, simple supplements, shopping advise,  and a lot of customization to my needs and goals. Jody explained that we would all be doing it a little different based on our individual needs but that we all would be eating  real food with the goal of losing inches not pounds while reducing inflammation and stress. This all sounded interesting so I gave it my all.  At the time I was 49 years old, 260 lb. with a 44” waist and had  just got back from a Dr. visit to discuss the benefits of Blood Pressure Medicine. My blood pressure was very high and he wanted me on the pills real bad. By the end of the 30 day challenge I felt great, lost the inches I set out to loose along with some pounds and several blood pressure points. The amazing thing was that I felt great. At that point I continued to use what Jody taught me and continued to feel great.  Later I would learn that it was all the other issues that the plan we developed together addressed that made me feel so good. Yes I lost inches but my back was no longer sore, my skin improved, I didn’t have the cravings, I was eating good and I didn’t feel deprived. Her plan made a world of difference for me.

Since the first Challenge I have continued to practice what I learned from Jody. Along the way I have gone back for additional assistance, both as a group and once on a one on one basis and can say it was time well spent. Just recently I was getting off track so I called Jodys to come up with a new plan and each week for a month we discussed my progress, how I was feeling, what I was eating, how I was relaxing….and each week she would give my plan a little tweak. To date my progress has been great. After 2 years I am less than 210 lbs. wearing 36” pants, have normal blood pressure, and feel better than I have in years.

As you may imagine, I highly recommend Full Circle Health and Jody’s services.”

-Michael ,  51 , Director of Business Development


“Hi Jody, I just wanted to Thank You again for changing my life. You inspired me from the minute I heard you speak. As you know I am a mom of 4 small children. I had suffered for years with diabetes, Hashimotos thyroiditis, endometriosis, achey body, and chronic fatigue, and I am only 37! You opened my EYES to a future of being well. I was so inspired. I made very small gradual changes. Today I am on no meds for diabetes, Thyroid meds have been decreased three times, and on no hormones anymore. I simply followed your instructions. Whole foods, no Gluten, and minimal dairy. Everyone knows I was a bagel, pasta, white bread addict but the cravings are gone. In a little less than a year I have more energy than I need. I feel super strong. This is a future I wish on everyone. Thank you so much.”
Heidi Hovde, 37, Personal trainer-mom-future health coach!

“In October 2012 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Normal thyroid (TSH) levels are 0.360-3.700 and my number was at 6.420. Knowing that I have a family history of Hypothyroidism, this news was not at all surprising to me. I knew down the road that this might be something that I would need to monitor in my lifetime. In addition to the change in my thyroid number, I had drastically gained 12 lbs in only 1 year. My doctor immediately put me on Levothyroxine to help get my levels and weight back into a normal range. After only a few days on this medication I knew that this was not the right fit for me. I felt groggy, had a very difficult time concentrating, and felt light-headed. After indicating this significant change to my doctor I was instructed to stop the medication and that he would run another test in 3 months to see where my levels were at then. This is not to say that thyroid medication is not the best fit for everyone. I just knew that it was not the option that would work best for me at that time.
That was when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Health and wellness have always been a passion of mine. I am always looking for ways to incorporate healthier choices into my lifestyle, so it only seemed natural for me to proceed with exploring alternative options for my thyroid condition. That is when I decided to meet with Jody Hawkins, Holistic Health Coach at Full Circle Health Counseling. After only one session with her, I learned a wealth of information about food that is specific to my condition. She provided suggestions, some I strictly enforced, and others (I’m embarrassed to admit) I only dabbled with.. One strict dietary change I made Nov 1st was to go completely gluten free. I thought: “why not, it couldn’t hurt?” I had always eaten fairly healthy, with my cheat days, but gluten was something that I consumed regularly. In addition to abstaining from gluten, I changed my daily yogurt to full fat plain, as well as ate only organic eggs and meats. In no way did I change my meal selections, instead I supplemented with gluten free options and organic and began taking a daily probiotic. Well these three small changes made a world of difference. Keep in mind too that in addition to the small nutritional changes, I did not change my workout habits. For me, I could not make drastic changes because I knew that I would not sustain them. Jody was very supportive in my decisions and was there every step of the way to help answer my questions and provide suggestions.
Come December I noticed that my weight began to drop, I had more energy throughout the day and my mental clarity improved. In only 3 months going completely gluten free and adopting Jody’s suggestions, I lost 7 lbs. In only 3 short months my thyroid levels had dramatically changed from 6.420 to 3.940. Considering that the normal level is just slightly under at 3.700, I found this to be a huge accomplishment. I am astonished at how much my body changed in such a short amount of time. My doctor has instructed me to come back in 5 months to see where my levels are then, and I fully anticipate that the numbers will only get better.
Seeing is believing! I now know that a gluten free lifestyle has a positive impact on my health. Because of this, I’ve decided to work with Jody to create new goals to help in the next step. Every little change helps; do not underestimate the power of eating right!”
–Melanie Dion, 32-Wellness Coordinator for Borislow Insurance

“After struggling with my weight for 5 plus years after the birth of my daughter and finally being referred to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Hashimotos Thyroid Autoimmune Disease I knew I needed and wanted to partner with someone who could help me get back on track to achieving optimal health with a holistic/whole body approach. The “wait and see” approach my endocrinologist suggested was not going to cut it.

After my initial consultation with Jody I knew she was the one for me – she struck me as knowledgeable, approachable, compassionate, kind and practical – all things which are important to me if I am going to work openly and honestly with someone on my health. After 8 months of working with Jody she has not disappointed – she is all of these things and so much more!

Within the first two weeks I was 95% pain free, within one month I was closer to 100% and feeling more alert thanks to ridding my diet of foods I found I am sensitive to ( why won’t more western medical physicians believe in this?!). Another month and people started to comment on how much clearer and brighter my skin and eyes were appearing. As time marched on I became less puffy and the weight began to slowly come off. In 6 months I lost about 20 pounds and while I have not lost much more in the last two months, I have been able to comfortably maintain my weight and health during what is the busiest time of year for me professionally and historically a time when I put on a few pounds.

What I have enjoyed most of my journey with Jody is how she has you assess the primary AND secondary foods in your life in order to get you on the right path. She helps you appreciate and celebrate every achievement no matter how big or small. She gives you the proper tools to achieve your goals and helps you hold yourself accountable. I feel so much more confident and know I am on the right path to leading a balanced life.

I would recommend Jody to anyone in need of a health coach – she is truly remarkable and I have so enjoyed working with her!”

As I have more weight to lose before feeling in complete balance with my body, I have opted to work with Jody once a month to keep me on track through the holiday season and beginning of the new year.”

–Sarah Martino, Newburyport, MA 38, Account/ Finance Manager at Partners and Mom

“After only 5 sessions, Jody has helped me in so many ways. I have lost 12 pounds, my blood pressure dropped from 160/70 to 130/70, my depression is gone, I am cooking more and enjoying the awesome recipes she has given me, I feel better in my clothes, I am worrying less about things out of my control, I am exercising more (which used to hurt me), my skin is glowing and my eyes are clearer than before. I love the new found inerest in health and what fuels me, and nourishes me! I am so happy to be working with Jody, and look forward to each session to see what new info she tosses my way. Jody is so smart and helpful I would recommend her as a Health Coach to anyone wanting to regain their health!”
-Dianne Close, MA 68 years old

“This program came at exactly the right time! “It was destiny!” I needed to change my life a bit, Jody really helped! Better sleep, stress management, better food choices, better digestion, and better relationships. If I were to describe Jody as a health coach, I would say she is: Caring, Trustworthy, Worthy of my time, Fun, and Extremely helpful! I would definately recommend her to the Crossfitters at my gym, The Fort Crossfit, and to my family. Since starting the program, I am running a better gym. My tone was off, and I set the tone for the gym; now it is back! I feel good, strong and healthy, and able to perform my job well.”
-Kyle Rochefort, 24, Owner trainer The Fort Crossfit, Hampstead, NH

“Jody has helped me to relax about being so rigid with what to eat, and helped me see that I can still feed my family healthy and it can still be exciting! I think she is so knowledgable and has great resources for everyone! She makes it so easy. I was so hard on myself and making it very difficult, that it turned stressful~not any more! 
I appreciate and trust her advice and tips, I have learned so much from her and can’t wait to learn more. I am so glad I met her and that she is doing the same thing that I believe works for my family. She is super nice, approachable, and professional. Jody has helped me both personally and professionally. I talk about her to my friends and would highly recommend anyone to meet her. “Thanks so much Jody!”
–Katie Nisbet, (esthetician, mother of 2 girls 4 & 6, and a wife to a cop)


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