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Taking on Intuitive Eating…

During this healing process that I am going through, working on mental and adrenal health after a summer of hellish stuff, I am finding myself tuning into mySELF, when it comes to food. Intuitive Eating is truly what is feeling good to my body and more importantly my brain!

Back story on me; ever since I was a little girl, I was always worried about my weight, and hated my body. Always!

As I type this, I don’t think I have ever admitted this to anyone, or even myself. Disordered eating and body dysmorphia are a part of my past for sure. Always on a quest to lose weight, or change my body, or find the magic bullet. I vividly remember measuring the meat on my thighs with my hands, and wishing I could cut it off. Or squeezing, squishing, and even punching my belly in hopes that this self-bullying would take it all away! So sad that as a child, teenager, and young woman I didn’t love who I was, but that is my history.

So as I sit here writing this blog today, I feel more in tune with my body than I EVER have been.  What it needs. What it wants. What it desires. What truly fuels this magical vessel that I own, and am in charge of.

Sure I pay attention to the quality of the food that I consume each day. But gone forever are the days that I will deleteriously log my food into an online calorie counter in order to mentally beat myself for not being perfect! Nor will I keep a dogmatic approach to food. Done!

What makes me feel good each day, in regards to food, play, movement, and sleep, are so much more important to my mental health. So if I feel that I need more carbs that day; I EAT THE DAMN CARBS! If my brain is struggling for more clarity; I EAT ALL THE FAT that I need. Feeling foggy; less coffee. Feeling metaphorically heavy; more uplifting veggies!

salad and meatloaf

This period in my life has been like an onion. I am peeling those layers back baby. It can be ugly sometimes, but the blossoming of my spirit is so motivating. I am on a quest to be the most authentic Jody that ever has been, and really turning inward and focusing on intuition is how that’s getting done!

I care, as an empath, I care A LOT!!! So I posted this today in the hopes that anyone else out there that is feeling the struggle knows, you are not alone. I am gratefully here!

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