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Taking Care of Yourself…On a Budget!

Well 2018 has turned out to be one filled with lots of little viruses and assorted bacteria hasn’t it!? As much outside time as we get, healthy food as I cook, and impeccable sleep routines as I instill here….we still have had a busy “sick” season.

The kids tend to bring home a plethora of goodies from school, not the nice kind, and as parents it’s our job to wipe the boogies, clean the goop, and lose the sleep while taking care of our beloved children.

During all of the glamor of parenting, I have found it super important to take good care of me. Yes, me, the mom, the-superhero-who-takes-care-of-all-things-and-everyone! I constantly remind myself, when I am in the mode of forgetting that I need to eat, that if I am not well, if I am not a whole person, that I am good to no one in my family. Some days this is hard to remember, but I force myself to make it a priority to take care of ME.

Whether it’s taking a little nap, or an extra long shower (or even take a shower at all), or picking myself a little snack while doing 1000 errands, or even just taking the time for a solo walk.  It’s important, and it keeps my immune system stronger, in that I am stressing less, due to the fact that I am doing things that I enjoy.

Now, let’s get to the “On a Budget” part shall we…Raising a family is hard, and expensive, even though we live a simple, minimalist life…they still need to eat. Feeding my family the best that my checkbook has available is very important, but some weeks are tougher than others. Again, my primal instinct is to feed the kids first, worry about myself last, but I know that isn’t the wisest plan. So here are a few things that I have on hand that are helpful during these crazy winters when everyone is sick every other second, and I still need to eat and stay well myself.

*Broth-I always have a few quarts of bone broth in my fridge. I can sip it when my throat is wonky, or whip up some leftover protein and veggie soup to eat for lunch.

*Tuna or sardines– A few cans of good quality tuna or sardines come in very handy in a pinch. Whether its topping a salad with them, or making a little tuna salad with some of my favorite Primal Kitchen Avocado mayo and a few diced apples, celery, and dried cranberries, it can be a savior for me at lunch time.

*Eggs-having good quality pastured eggs around can really make me or break me. Fried eggs for breakfast, hard boiled eggs on a salad, or some leftover crustless quiche on the go, can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

*Fruit/Cut Veggies– washed and ready fruit or sliced veggies sometimes can get me through to the next meal as I am caring for, or “worrying” about one of my kids.

*Leftovers!- Hail the Leftover!! Really, a super money saver, time saver, and all around belly saver. I usually have at least one meal leftover from dinner each night, and sometimes like with stews and soups, I get more. This save me from having to cook while my little ones need me to snuggle them, (or wipe something;))

Now with spring just around the corner, I hope the bugs and icky germs are on there way out too. In the meantime, I will keep taking good care of myself, and making my health a priority as well.


Did you find this helpful? I hope so. If so, feel free to share it with a friend. 

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You’ll be so glad you decided to make yourself a priority!