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Water really Is Life…

About a month ago, I finally found a local spring to gather water from. Not just store bought bottled water. Or tap water,  filtered with a Brita faucet filter. But, actual spring water that has been untouched, except for the ultra violet treatment to kill any bacteria within it.

spring pool2017

As I pulled into the parking lot of Boston Clear Water Company, aka Pocahontas Spring Water in Lynnfield, Mass., I felt instant happiness in the pit my belly. I was there for some clean drinking water, free from chlorine, fluoride, bromine, and other nasty chemicals, that are in our town water.  What I have received has been bigger than I could imagine.

I had been on this search for a while, as I have had a nagging suspicion that many of my health issues lately were from chemical overload from my drinking water. I drink a ton of water, so if I am drinking chemical laden water, why wouldn’t I see more health issues, right? I also couldn’t help but wonder if my childrens’ “year of the doctors visit” wasn’t being fueled by the excess toxic burden in the tap water as well.

I got out of my car to meet the caretaker of the facility, who was nothing short of lovely, and he quickly made me feel as if I was on the right path.  He explained that the water was purely spring fed, and untouched, contained natural magnesium and other minerals, had a ph of around 7.5, and had healing properties. Come again?

He wasn’t speaking about just drinking the water, he was speaking of actually soaking our feet and/or bodies in this water. This was a sacred healing spring!

spring collage2017

I had never considered this being an option. Within minutes, I , as well as my two children, were knee deep in this cold and energizing water. We spent about fifteen minutes soaking, dried off and got back into the car, after filling 4 glass gallon bottles to take home.

glass water bottles

As I drove home, I just felt good about what I had just experienced.

Now a side bar here, is that Lily was still dealing with her CRPS(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and her tendonopathy in her right leg. That day, she felt amazing and began moving in ways that I hadn’t seen her move in, in months!

Within a few days, Lily didn’t need her boot OR her crutches. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We went back to soak a few days later, and refill our amazing drinking water, and I am happy to report that she has now graduated from PT with flying colors!

2nd visit to spring2017

My sluggish thyroid has seemed to begin getting a bit more lively, my skin looks amazing, my hair is growing like a wild fire, my energy levels are really well balanced, and I honestly need less water than ever before.

Finding this spring and sacred healing spot, has been life changing for us. It came into our lives at exactly the right time, as most things do, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the benefits I have seen.

As with most things, I encourage folks to search, and seek out the root cause of illness, and to really dive deep into self experimentation in order to find optimal health. This is part of my own self experimentation, and it has brought me even closer to the Jody that I am meant to be!

jody spring2017

Thanks for letting me share my own journey, and as always, keeping being EPIC!