Everyday Wellness

Honoring Who I Really Am…

IMG_20170504_100213_932I have purposely stepped back from blogging, and writing newsletters this past year. I enjoy writing and sharing, really I do. I also know that this helps build business with those that I reach.  But honestly, the thought of sitting at the computer for hours in order to do this bums me out! Makes me cringe really!

I am on a mission to move more naturally, every single day, rather than carving out precise times to do a prescribed workout. Not to say that I don’t love lifting heavy things at my local gym twice a week, because that makes me feel like the powerful goddess that I am.

My body is meant to move, a lot, in a variety of ways, so that is what I am focusing on. Getting into nature brings me solace that I can not describe.

So blogging will have to be done standing, from my fancy-pants smartphone for now. Plus, the notion that doing these things are a must and all part of the hustle ( which a hustler I am not) make me move further from being the passionate health coach I am meant to be.

The older I get, the more authentically I want to live. It just feels right to me. By honoring who I am, I am giving myself the love and compassion the world may not.

My mantra this year is Be More, Not Less, and it’s really filling me up!!

My hope is that this post made you think about ways to be more authentically YOU, because YOU ARE EPIC!