Everyday Wellness

Sometimes Backing Off is Best…

I have been working really hard lately. In life in general, but also in the gym too. That being said, I have had to work harder at eating right and eating enough to support recovery and muscle gain. However, lately my joints are stiffer and I definitely have limited mobility. I am needing to do more stretching and mobility work, so that adds more to my day. I only have time to take care of kids, a husband, a house, and a business, before falling into bed at night. Where do I carve out more time?

Well, I have a de-load week, thats what I do. No gym, no weights, just walking, home stretching, and human-movement!!

My brain was like ” what are you doing?” but my body is like “ahhh, thank you ma’am!”

I am recovery beautifully, and already feel less inflamed! And, I am not eating like a beast, just to replenish. These are all good things.

Sometimes listening to your body and backing off a bit is the best thing you can do in order to be well! Our brains want to push and go harder, but our bodies are begging for a different tactic!

Be EPIC! Be more YOU!