Everyday Wellness

Tell Like It Is Tuesdays!…

So, I have been quite hesitant in writing a blog as of late. For no good reason, really, but in my mind I am too busy, tired, and overwhelmed in life to have anything valid to share.  What!!??

This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, I thought about all of this and thought, “hey, wait, someone out there may get something of value out of something that I have to say.” So what the heck…here goes!

My honesty, and authenticity mean a lot to me, so continuing with that theme, I choose to Tell It Like It Is…

  1. Making changes are essential, not optional when it comes to expecting changes. Does that make sense? When I speak to clients, and they share their discontent with how their life is going, whether it be health related, stress related, or some form of physical concern, my first question is “how can we come up with recommendations to remedy this.” After, going through a few different scenarios, I either hear, “well yeah that sounds good, lets do that”, or “yeah, nope, I just don’t have time/energy/or want to do that”. Either way, you have to change something about your current status in order to receive the change you wish to see.
  2. Being busy all the time is not a good thing. I feel like these days, being super-busy is all the rage. No one has time for simplicity anymore. Time to sit and read a book, or watch your kids play, or color on the floor with the kids, or anything that brings us simple joy. Why? Does it make us cool, or envied, or bring us closer to Kardashian status if we are balls-to-the-wall-busy all the time. NOPE! It makes us grumpy and isolated, stressed out and unhealthy. How do we change this, umm, take something off the to-do list. Say NO once in a while. Protect your time and take your life back.
  3. There is no magic pill, program, or fast track plan. If you have been dealing with health issues, or have spent years abusing your body with food, or punishing your body with exercise that isn’t appropriate for you, then change is going to be slow. I am saying that again, CHANGE WILL BE SLOW! The current health concerns of today did not get that way over night. It will take time to get things to shift into the right direction. But we need to give ourselves time, space, and a lot of self love in order to create these changes. Self love you say, sounds woo-woo, nope being a bit gentler, not pushing harder is often exactly what we need.
  4. And finally, allowing yourself to make excuses….not helpful. If you know something isn’t working, finding more excuses in order to keep you within the comfort of those excuses, will get you no where. Be honest with yourself, love yourself enough to step outside of that comfort zone, and make your life exactly what you want it to be.

Sometimes life gets a bit messy before it takes a turn for the better. It’s time to get messy!