Healthy Eating

Why you eat what you CHOOSE to eat!

Quick post today, but something that I help others deal with often in my practice.  It is an aspect that is often neglected  when it comes to getting nutrition dialed in.

We go over the what, and beat that to death quite honestly. We go over the why, in regards to how it benefits your health and how it impacts the environment and sustainability.

But actually examining WHY you eat the foods that you choose to eat during a stressful binge, and alike, often get pushed aside. Thinking that food is the enemy, and eating a perfect diet will solve everything, is a gigantic misnomer.

too many burgers

Ask yourself:

Am I tired? Am I thirsty? Am I stressed out? Am I worried? Am I lonely and in need of connection with another adult? Am I comparing myself to others and becoming upset by my internal judgement? Am I filling a hole that I have never dealt with regarding my emotional history? Do I love myself, or dislike myself? Am I trying to sabotage my efforts?

There are many more questions to ask yourself when trying to get down to the nitty-gritty of emotional eating, but these are a few good ones to begin with.

What if you answer yes? Well, that is where finding support is a major benefit. Getting support regarding how to remove those foods that we eat in these stressful times that are not beneficial, and add in foods that will actually deliver nutrition, is a great start.

Willpower has little to do with overeating, or binging! Finding the reasons that you are doing these things is the first step in getting healthy. There is nothing wrong with your willpower!!

We are all worthy and deserving of the most amazing life available to us. Why not do a little exploring in order to make that happen?!

Connect with me today to start exploring!