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Take YOUR Time Back!

“There is NO time for that!” This is something I hear often from clients, and sometimes feel that way myself. So how do we “find” more time to do the things we enjoy or even the things we know are beneficial to us like exercise, or sleep?!

A good place to start is by looking at your proverbial plate.  Is it loaded full of unnecessary to-do’s and obligations? Can you take a couple peas off of that plate to free up some time, in order to take care of yourself?

I say no to things, a lot, as part of my self care routine.

My personality used to be text book type A, and I have chilled out and loosened up a lot over the years, but I know my tendencies and if I have many things on my calendar each day, I will attack them with a fever pitch, never slowing down until I am dog tired and sick. (Been there, done that, learned a tremendous amount!)

So I say no, and spread things out as much as possible.

I also stack my day.  Working out for 10 minutes, in the sun(vitamin D), outside in the grass(earthing and fresh air), while Eli naps, is just an example.



Do you have a 20-30 minute break somewhere early in the day? Put in some earbuds, fire up a podcast, grab the mail that needs to be dropped in a post box and GO!

Think outside the box, and take back you ME time. It’s much simpler to sit back, put on a frown, and settle for “not having any time”, but we are humans and we find the time, resources, and energy to get what we want. That is how we survive.

Making the time to nourish ourselves daily is how we THRIVE!