Everyday Wellness

What A Week!…

You ever have one of those weeks where by Tuesday you are just feeling Done?! Yup, that was this week!

Nothing catastrophic, just life.  Temper tantrums and not-so-great behavior from the resident 3 year old beastie. Working with a shoe-string budget, due to new pay structure for the hubs, and feeding my family that literally eats me out of house and home. Then topping it all of with the payroll company NOT depositing my husbands 2 week paycheck, (seriously)holy smokes this has been  a stressful week!!

So I am trying to remain calm as best I can. I forced myself to nap/ meditate this afternoon, got outside a bit this morning and afternoon, and chatted with other adults( always helps).

This evening I poured myself a big mason jar full of…no not moonshine, wine, or Guiness, but Nuun All Day. Stress chews through B vitamins quicker than Hammy from Over The Hedge( kids have been watching it non stop) eats cookies! So replenishing electrolytes and stress supporting B vitamins is how I am remedying this trying day!


Sure I could pour a glass of wine or dig into the kids Christmas jelly beans, but I like myself, and my body more than that!!

How do you handle stress? Not “mask” it but really assist your body to handle it?? It might be worth a ponder…