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How to NOT get bored?

So as I sit here this fine Saturday, decaf coffee at my side, gorgeous sunshine beaming through my office window, I wanted to write a quick blog on boredom. Not the kind of boredom that is reminiscent of children not knowing what to do on a snowy afternoon, I am speaking more about getting bored with the journey/path/routine that you are in right now.

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  1. Be present! First and foremost, check in in with being present in the moment. Right now! Are you constantly thinking about the “when I lose 10 pounds…”, or “when I finally get that pull up…”? Hey, As the great Miley Cyrus (ha) said it, “it’s not about how fast you get there, it’s the climb”. Well, she was right (though I hate to admit it), but she is.  Love and appreciate the fact that you have committed to being healthy each and every day. Or for staying with that new exercise regimen. Or give yourself a pat on the back for getting to sleep 30 minutes earlier than  you did two months ago. These are all little milestones, and should be celebrated. Really try to tune in each moment of each day, if possible.  Check yourself out in the mirror to see how amazing you look in those new workout duds, and then stop for a second, and appreciate THAT YOU DID THAT!
  2. Do what you love and enjoy doing, rather than what you think you should be doing. This is one that takes a little reflection. Do you enjoy that 90 minute spin class that you signed up for? Like really, really, it feels like taking a long, hot, bubbly, bath kind of enjoyment? If the answer is yes, congrats, you are in the zone. If your answer is no, but you feel like I SHOULD like it and I SHOULD be taking the class, you need to stop the madness. Find something that truly fulfills you. It does not, I repeat, does not need to be what your bestie , or husband, or the hottest celebrity  is doing right now. Think back to a time  when you were full of vitality and zest, what did you do for exercise that added to that feeling? Explore that again.
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     3.Change things up for a bit. I tell clients often, that if what you are doing right now is not working, the answer is to change everything. Well, maybe not everything, but many things. So if you are finding that you are getting bored with your nutrition plan, change it up. make new meals, buy a cookbook, try some new veggies, add in some exotic foods. Maybe you have always wanted to try a carb cycling plan, go for it. Or maybe you feel your body needs a reset or detox, give it a whirl. What’s holding you back?  If you loathe the gym you are going to or can’t stomach one more boot camp class, find another avenue and hop on board. Maybe adding in mobility work would help, or maybe some good old fashioned time off!

try something new


We all get into a rut from time to time, it’s cyclical,  as well as seasonal, but don’t get stuck there.

I get bored with the usual weekly grind myself, that’s when I get out a cookbook I haven’t used in a while, or go for a hike somewhere new, or even just listen to some music from my past. Whatever it takes to keep you present and mindful, and moving forward to a happier,  better you, then do it!


Need more help, as always I am here to help, connect with me.

Keep being EPIC!~Jody