Healthy Eating

What a difference a month makes…

So it’s been about a month or so since my body started to hate itself and treat me oh so unkind!  And I am starting to feel more like myself again.

My sleep is better, I am needing less naps, I am losing less hair in the shower, my skin is less dry, and my joints are feeling way better. I am lifting heavier than ever in the gym as well. So all in all, YAY!  Things are moving along nicely.

I had my check in with Dr. Dan today and he was happy with the progress as well. I was a little nervous because we had three parties this past weekend, yes three, and the first party had food that was completely off of our nutrition plan and out of our food





So how did we handle it?…We ate what was available to us, and didn’t sweat it. Hmmm?!! There is definitely something to not instantly feeling guilt or shear panic after eating something you don’t normally eat. The other two parties were easy to navigate and we came out of those like champs.

The evidence of the first party reared its ugly head a few days later in the way of some dairy-infused-acne, but I handled that just fine.

The point of me sharing this is, that it’s the what-we-do-everyday that really makes a difference, rather than the-what-happens-once-per-year. Normally, I would have stressed out over what I was going to eat at this party (which is an annual event) and how my body would suffer from those foods, but this year I shifted my mindset to I am just going to eat and not worry.

And that worked out beautifully!

christmas nature

How are you handling the holidays? Hopefully you are enjoying your family, friends, and nourishing yourself with the spirit of the season, rather than feeling guilt or shame…



Keep being EPIC!~Jody