Everyday Wellness

Holy ACHEY Joints batman!!

I am just finishing some amazing Shepard’s Pie for lunch, made with ground turkey and venison (YUM) and as I stand here everything aches! Like, crazy aches in all of my major joints.
Why you ask?

Well, during Thanksgiving I “allowed” myself to have a glass of wine, a homemade gingerbread cookie made with almond flour and frosted with real deal buttercream frosting, and some dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Not all in one sitting but over a few days.

And let me tell you, I did not gorge on these things, I had them in “moderation”, but my body is pissed! Man alive, I work really hard to keep inflammation low in my body, but when dealing with autoimmune issues, that is a tough one.

So what is a girl to do? Breathe, sleep, and take great care of herself.

I am back on Braggs Apple Cider vinegar before meals (1 tsp to 4 oz of water), I am obviously not having any nuts or nut flours, no more dark chocolate, and the wine, which was the first in a year, won’t be happening again.

I have been upping the anty on water these passéd few days as well, which means a lot more trips to the potty, but hey, it’s important.

So my purpose for letting you in on my sore body is just to make it clear that the whole “in moderation” thing is not a healthy mindset for some.

For those who are completely-tip-top-healthy, who is really, that may be fine. The occasional drink of wine or almond flour based cookie is perfectly perfect.

But to those of us living with autoimmune challenges, or any other issues that we are constantly monitoring, that one glass of wine could end in despair!

I also understand that maybe this incident is the universes way of saying, “hey Jody, take care of YOU instead of everyone else”. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, keeping being EPIC, and take good care!~Jody