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Empowerment vs. Dogma

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As we head full speed into the holidays, the social media scene is filling up with this diet, and that fitness regime in efforts to confuse all of our minds as to which will find us fast results. Well, the answer is none of them.


I don’t mean this in a cynical, negative way, but more of a step-back-and-look-at-the-bigger-picture kind of way.

My plan, and hope for all of you readers out there, is to empower yourselves with truly healthy connections to food, and self care when it comes to the fitness model you chose.  Rather than following rules, follow your proverbial gut when it comes to food.

Do you have underlying health concerns? Healing form injury or surgery? Are you stressed out to the max in life and completely overwhelmed? Well, the latest diet dogma written on beautifully, fancy pages may not be the solution.


Self-experimentation with some accountability, and support is the better plan!

Yes, I do believe that there is a certain template that works to begin the healing process for a lot of folks, not all of them, but I also know that there are even aspects of those templates that don’t work for myself. So why try to fit a round peg in a square hole? Start with the basics, honor what feels right in your body, and on your plate, and take it from there.


On the fitness front, the same rings true.  If you are under ridiculous amounts of stress and aren’t sleeping well, waking up to go to a 5:15am high intensity style workout is not going to serve you well. Sure, you may get all sweaty, and get to wear your best Lulu Lemon’s but your adrenal glands will not be happy after a few days, and then…BOOM the hammer drops!

You may ask: Why aren’t I seeing result’s?  Why am I sore all the time? Why am I not able to fall asleep and/or stay asleep all night long? Why am I still tired after sleeping until 8am? Why am I craving crazy sugar?

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You may not being doing movement that is appropriate for you and your current stress/sleep issues. Head the warnings your body sends to you. Your body is incredibly, brilliant and gives you cues each and everyday as to what it NEEDS. Listen!!! Listening to your body and living intuitively is one of the cheapest and best things you could give yourself this holiday.

…Oh and a consultation with me of course;), that’s where the accountability and support come in.

Keep being EPIC!~Jody

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