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Here Comes the Busy….Get Prepared!

Cooking from scratch isn’t “convenient”, it’s just not.  Hence, the invention of all kinds of convenient foods like t.v. dinners, veggies in a bag, and breakfast bars.

cereal bartv dinner


However, eating foods that ARE ingredients, not just HAVING ingredients is essential for optimal health.


Now we all get busy, and don’t want to cook or wash a sink full of dishes now and then, but in order to keep those machines (your bodies) well oiled (properly nourished) it is a necessity.


I am a huge fan of the crockpot! If you do not own one, its well worth the  investment. (finding one with a ceramic pot to limit nasty chemical exposure is a plus) I am also a fan of one pot meals, and casseroles.

Pick a day to prep! Simple, and so effective. Spending an hour on a weekend preparing veggies, etc will make your life so much easier, and less exhausting in the long run.

Sunday is my day; I will roast a chicken to pick at throughout the week, boil my eggs, make my egg muffins, wash and chop carrots, celery, and other veggies to munch, and doing any other baking that needs to be done.

I also plan, my meals according to our hectic schedules. If I have some more time on a particular day, the recipe may take a few more minutes.  If it’s a nutty day, I will use the crockpot, so dinner is ready when I get home, and no one has to wait! Brilliant, and delicious.


Here are a few of my favorite recipes:


Chicken thighs in the crockpot…


Chicken Breast…

Shepards Pie…

Turkey Apple Scramble (NO-egg breakfast)….

Hopefully, this helps to fuel (pun intended) your motivation to get back into that kitchen, and make something with your own two hands.  In my opinion, a home cooked meal has more heart and flavor than anything you could ever buy at a drive-thru window!

family cooking

Keep being EPIC!