Everyday Wellness

Fall is Definitely in the Air!

Quick post today, but I have been feeling a little pushed and pulled lately and wanted to spit it out.

There are so many posts and so much information out there, of what is best in the way of nutrition, as well as what products, supplements etc, to buy. I recently read this article, and it got me thinking.

Have we all lost the ability to live intuitively? Like, really listen to our body and tune into what we need, not just want, but biologically NEED.

Sad to say, but I think for most of us the answer is yes. I feel it is partly due to the fact that it’s just easier to listen to the guru’s and shiny people in the boxes!

Common sense is lost with most lately, and it really is a shame. If we would all just stop to take a moment and listen to what our body is telling us; i.e. “I’m exhausted”, then sleep more, ” I feel lightheaded after running on empty today”, then you need to eat something to fuel your body, or “I am having hard time sleeping”, examine what you are doing right up until the time you go to sleep, (i.e. internet for hours).
Simple as it all may sound, many folks fall into the it’s easier to buy the supplement, or new-fad food, or even program they really don’t need, than actually do some work of there own.

Listen, really listen to what’s going on around you, and you may be astounded by what you discover!

Be smart, and be good to yourself, it’s worth the effort!


Happy Fall! Make something pumpkin-y like these…http://balancedbites.com/2011/09/easy-recipe-grain-free-pumpkin-muffins.html