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The Dog Days of Summer, and Creating New Habits!

Well, we’ve made it; the dog days of summer. You know those days when it’s hot, you know you should really do something but your just too sticky, and tired to move! Yup, we are there.

School starts back up for Lily soon, and we have begun shopping for supplies and thinking about activities, as well as searching for a little school for Sir Eli too! Things are busy, to say the least but we were fortunate enough to have had some vacation time last week and it was awesome, and very well deserved by all!

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I have been thinking a lot about goals, and habits, and creating solid steps in order to reach those goals lately. One of mine is to participate in O2X which is a 5 plus mile run up Loon Mountain. Sounds crazy, but I just want to complete it and say that I did so with my best efforts. So needless to say, I have upped the anty on my training schedule this past week and a half, I have only about 7 weeks left to train.

I am reframing my thought process a lot during this training, and so far so good. (meditation daily is helping me as well)


So here are  5 tips on creating habits that may be of help:

  1. Identify the BIG picture goal.  Keep it simple; lose weight, gain energy, or just be able to run around with the kids.
  2. Create a specific process or activity that you want to add, and figure out how much time is needed and/or you want to dedicate to the new activity. i.e. walking 20 minutes every morning, or 3 strength training session per week, that kind of thing.
  3. Set some behaviors and commit to them. This is a good one; have your gym bag packed and ready in the car so you can drive there before work or after, no excuses or reasons to get distracted.
  4. Visualize the process, start to finish. Sounds hokey but actually see yourself doing whatever it is you are setting out to do; starting at the finishing line, what your wearing, who is watching you, what does the day look like, all the way to finally crossing that line!
  5. Keep mindful of obstacles that may get in the way. For example, “I might not make it to the gym if I stay at work 10 minutes later chatting because then I will definitely hit traffic!” Think about this kind of scenario, and plan!

This is simple stuff, if you use it , it will work for you.


Need more help? Contact me and we will plan it all out together!


Thanks for reading, and have an EPIC day!A little bit of summer camping2015 029