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Summertime….and the living is easy!

Phew, already  a few weeks into summer and we are bonkers!  A good bonkers though!

Swimming at friends pools, impromptu beach-going, town activities, cookouts, camping in the yard, after-dinner family walks, kid-fun-places, are just a few of the things we’ve been doing. And it’s been awesome, for me as well as the kids.

4th of july2015 001

My goal this summer to is say “yes” more often, and so far that is happening.

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One of the things we have incorporated with Lily, is a chart that earns her fun things that are a little heavier on the budget, like the Aquarium, the Zoo etc., and so far she is doing great at earning these opportunities.  She does her daily chores, reads 20 minutes per day, does one math page in her get-ready-for-5th-grade workbook, and some other helpful things.  It’s working beautifully, and she earned her first prize today of going to Cedardale and doing a round of mini-golf, the ropes course, and batting cages. Fun for all!

We have been trying to tweak our on the go food, as well as our home-food. I have been focused on eating only home-cooked foods while at home, and saving those more processed/packaged foods for on the go travel etc. , like Larabars, jerky, nut mixes etc. The kids had been eating me out of house-and-snack, so I had to do some reworking in this area.  We even did a no-processed week, where everything was made by my little hands, and not only did it save money, but the kids loved it.

Our fourth of July, festivities were comprised of grilling, hanging out, and walking to the town fireworks. What did we eat??? Grass fed burger patties, grass fed hot dogs, turkey tips, plantain chips, guacamole, kimchi, asparagus, cucumbers, carrots, celery, watermelon, and yes some s’mores for the fire later (made with gluten free graham crackers, and dark chocolate).  It was all from our local butcher, and it was amazing, and made great lunches for us all the next day! (Well except for the s’mores, there wasn’t anything left!)

I am trying to refine my health and nutrition coaching schedule for the summer, as well as balance my own training/workouts along with activities for the kids. And so far, we are managing it all. I know that school will be back in session before you know it, and sometimes that seems promising, but for the most part I am trying to enjoy every little second of this time!

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A fun treat that I have prepped for the kids tonight is my go-to-fast-treat; Haystacks. And here is the recipe!




They are awesome, minimal ingredients, and can be tweaked anyway you like. I used sunflower seeds tonight, because I was out of walnuts.

Enjoy and keep living an EPIC life!