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There are so many components to living a healthy, happy life, and I feel as though I have a handle on many of them at this stage in the game. However, stress is one of those tricky, slippery factors that makes its way back into your life like acid-washed over-all-shorts (really?)
Eat right…check! Sleep well…check! Love my job…check! Have an amazing family…CHECK!!

Stress out sometimes…ummm, well yeah.

So I have been working on that this past month, and is partially why I have not been posting much. I have been purposely, yes purposely, avoiding the computer and its clever way of making every post, blog, and notification an emergency!

One of the BIG things that has really helped me, and its so simple, is turning off my notification alert on my phone. Not hearing that little ‘kerplink’ every two minutes has made huge impact on my stress levels. Silly isn’t it?! How hearing those sounds makes us think that there is an emergency that needs tending to. Something more important than cooking dinner, or playing in the kiddie pool with the kids, or finishing a conversation with someone.






I turn it off on the days when I am not scheduled to work as well as on the weekends. Ahhh, the quiet! It’s a beautiful thing.


I still get my important work for clients, workshops, and other assorted activities done, but am not distracted by any of the other ‘chatter’.

I also have created ‘hard edges’ for myself when it comes to work; I have my schedule and when I am not on that schedule, I do not respond to emails etc. Sounds simple doesn’t it.

I am such a do-it-right-now kind of gal, that having these things wait is kind of a big deal. This is partially because I don’t want to miss out on any business opportunities in anyway, but creating hard edges is important, and also reminds me that my time is valuable, and the other things and people in my life are deserving of that time. When I am done with clients, I am done with clients; no more ‘oh I just need to respond to this email guys’. I feel so much more even keeled doing this, and I have way more fun with the fam!

I also listen to fill-my-well-up types of music while walking in the morning with Eli. A little Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, and Jason Mraz goes along way in regards to calming my mind. Especially in the morning when I have a to-do list hanging over my head. I just set Pandora on my phone, turn off the notification alert, and sing a long with my walking buddy. He enjoys it too!

Spring and Memorial Day2015 030







As for those to-do lists….I make them, then look at the things that are NOT EMERGENCIES, scratch them off, and get to tackling the things that truly need to be done. ‘Cause let’s face it, no one really cares if I scrub the cabinets, or reorganize the pots and pans; my time is better spent doing other things!




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Keep being awesome, and keep making your life EPIC!