Healthy Eating

What’s New, Kids Brunch, and Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds…oh my!

This spring is flying by very quickly! Mainly due to my hectic schedule that includes extra-curricular activities for Lily, school events,  chasing after Eli, seeing nutritional clients for myself as well as Merrimack Valley Wellness Center, working out, managing my household, and other assorted activities. How can I not find time to go on a date with the hubs? Hmmm?!?

But this is all good stuff. I am doing what I love; helping others learn how to live healthier, and love their lives at the same time!  It is a blessing really, to be able to share my experiences with others who can benefit in so many ways.

baby singing

This past Sunday, I presented a “Kids Brunch” at Eva’s farm Organic Butcher Shop in Middleton, MA, which was the first of its kind. We had 4 different families of children there to listen to me speak about the importance of eating “fuel” foods, as well as allowing for “fun” foods. We spoke about where food comes from, the difference between eating grass fed meat verses “a sick cow”, played pin the tail piggy, colored farm animals, and ate some wonderful brunch foods like scrambled eggs, maple sausage, bacon, paleo pancakes, and melon.

evas brunch3

This was a fun morning for me, as well as the kids, because people really do want to know better.  Kids really do want to eat well, and take care of the planet and those who care for it, and that is so inspiring to witness.

evas brunch2                                                      evas kids brunch

The response for this was so great, that we are in the works for more, once per month.  We are also planning some more Open Houses at Eva’s Farm, and some cool “challenges.  Success all around!


I had a craving that I wanted to share, which I haven’t had in a LONG time. But it came. I was sitting there, and all of a sudden….whammo…. an overwhelming NEED for dark chocolate covered almonds washed over me! What??!!!!  Apparently, ‘my time’ was coming upon me and this was the first realization of that. Man was this weird, and powerful.

So I did it. I found some. Ate them. AND PAID THE PRICE!

Holy crap….Acne, joint pain, muscle aches, and some digestion issues.tied in knots

Was it worth it? Nope! Not one bit, but you know what, we all need a reminder every now and again of the foods that do not benefit us in anyway! This was mine, and I can safely say it won’t happen again!


It just goes to show that real life happens. It’s not all puppy dogs, rainbows, and grass fed beef!


Keep on being awesome!…