Everyday Wellness


Life has been crazy-bonkers around here lately, that would be why I haven’t blogged in a bit. Between Lily starting track and field, which added 3 more days of driving Miss Lily to my schedule, Bernie working 7 days a week, and me working on the 8 Weeks To Wellness Program for Merrimack Valley Wellness Center, I haven’t had much time for other things, like newsletters, blog posts, and alike.

But as I just rushed Lily to her dental cleaning and back, in order to make supper, Spaghetti Squash Bolognese, so that we can be ready for the ice cream social and book fair tonight (we are bringing coconut milk ice cream so Lily can be “social”) I realized, ‘hey I have an ultrasound and Hida-scan scheduled tomorrow!’

At my GI visit recently, she felt that after hearing my symptoms as of recent (a-symptomatic now) and looking at my tests from this past fall, that she needed to do some more blood work and tests to see if the old liver and gallbladder are working properly.

The hospital just called to pre-register me, and this is what really made me stop and say, “oh, yeah, this is happening tomorrow”, for the ultrasound first thing, and then a Hida scan.  They want to see if my gallbladder is actually pumping the CCK they inject into me into the small intestines…or something along that line.

What is kind of freaking me out is that, I could actually have an episode after this test! Please, no, no more pain!!!

The thought of going through another ‘attack’ makes me sick, literally, to my stomach.  Mainly because of what a complete pain in the arse it is to get relief when this happens.   I just don’t know what to expect; I could be in an out with no problem, or I could be there for the day being pumped full of pain killers and protonix.

The unknown is not always scary to me, but at this moment, it kind of is.

The weird thing is that the work that I am doing, which I love, is keeping me distracted from this unknown. I think that’s a good thing at this moment, but usually I am much more of a “be in the present and stop DOING so much” kind of gal.