Healthy Eating

“You Should Do This With Grass Fed Butter…!”


I very rarely go to Starbucks, for many reasons, but today when Eli and I walked at the mall (yes, I walked the mall, this weather is killing me) I stopped in to get a cup of coffee.

I stepped up to the counter to order a “tall Blonde” (being a tall, blonde, I love ordering this!) with two pads of butter. The slight, semi-bearded hipster at behind the counter looked at me like I was from another planet, and repeated what I said with a stutter. “Two pads of butter?” “Yes, please”, was my response.

Now I have ordered coffee out of the house like this, so I am very much used to getting this response.  But what came next was classic…

The young man, who quite obviously didn’t know me and what I do, said to me ” you know the next time that you do this you really should use grass fed butter”. To which I responded, as he was holding the individually wrapped Kerrygold butter in his hand, ” that butter that you are holding is made from grass fed cows who have lived on pasture in Ireland!” An embarrassed, “oh” came from his wishing-he-had-kept-his-mouth-shut pie hole.

I then, quite nicely and informatively , began to school him on the benefits of grassfed butter there in the line of Starbucks while other folks waited in line for the mocha-choca-soyfilled, caramel swirl beverages!

It was all good! He was super interested, and after I told him that it is much better blended (and with coconut oil), he graciously offered to blend it for me.

As I waited, a mid-forty, robust man at the end of the counter asked me about coconut oil and started to get into a good conversation about removing processed foods and hindering inflammation. Hah! How about that!!

Amazing conversations, hand shaking, and education happening all while getting a small cup of Joe!

After getting my coffee, which was scrumptious, the hipster-coffee-pourer asked me if I was hiring. Haha, this was wild! I told him unfortunately, I am a one-man-band at this point. I took all of these comments and questions as a huge compliment.

Anyhoo…here are a few  amazing, nutritional reasons to eat grassfed butter:

  • grass fed milk products 9and meat) are 2-3 times higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) a potent antioxidant found in milk and meat of pastured ruminant animals.
  • grass fed butter is higher in vitamins A, D3, and K2
  • grass fed butter is higher in omega 3 fatty acids (responsible for protecting the brain, heart, supporting circulation, mood, and because omega 3’s are anti-inflammatories, can have a positive effect on depression, joints, skin, and diabetes)
  • grassfed butter has more carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A
  • FYI- that amazing, deep rich color of grassfed butter is a tell tale sign of its nutrition. Hold it up next to your generic, store bought butter; no contest!


So, next time you are out and about at Starbucks, get a tall blonde with butter, and watch what happens!