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Book Review…All things awesome!

I had pre-ordered this book a month before its release, so when it finally arrived in my hot little hands last week I was ecstatic. I have followed the work of Diana Rodgers, NTP, for years now and find her to be, well, awesome!

Diana and her husband Andrew, worked at Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton, Mass. for almost a decade, all while running her nutrition practice, running her blog site Sustainable Dish, speaking to the paleo-world at workshops and conferences, and raising a family. She and her family have moved to Clark Farm in Carlisle, Mass. where they have revived the farm. Cool enough in its self, right!?

After writing her second book, her first is a cookbook titled Paleo Lunches and Breakfast On the Go, she has opened the doors to all other “paleo” cookbooks to come.

Not only is this a beautifully photographed book (in 35 mm, rather than digital I believe), and contains over a 100 different yummy recipes that are laid out according to certain dietary restrictions, like AIP, Whole 30, containing nuts etc., but Diana has gone where no other paleo cookbook has gone, HOW TO RAISE YOUR OWN FOOD!

She talks raising chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, and planning, sowing, and cultivating a healthy garden, no matter what your plot size.  Diana goes into canning tomatoes, making soap, and other long-forgotten homestead practices.

She speaks about farming and eating a sustainable paleo diet, which to me, is the big home run!

There are a plethora of books and blog sites with ooey, gooey paleo-fied treats, and laborious recipes filled with ingredients that you have to be a millionaire to afford, but this book, is the REAL DEAL. The recipes are even separated by season!

If we are not thinking sustainability when we are buying, cooking, and growing our food, there will not be much left in years to come.  Diana speaks of the farm workers working to pick those 7 dollar organic blueberries that you bought at Whole Foods, and how they should be getting a living wage for their hard work. Those farm workers can’t even afford to buy the food that they are picking for you. That is not sustainable, nor is it ethical.

During my grocery store tours that I do with clients, I remind them that they are voting with their dollars every time they shop, so what goes into your cart matters just as much as what goes into your body.  Diana, mentions this same idea in The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook, reminding us that when we shop the big stores, buying the big brands, we are encouraging the industrial institutions that are hurting the small-scale farms.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this book, and I can’t thank Diana enough for writing it.  If you want some new recipes, or are interested in backyard birding, or  if you just want to learn some simple ways to live a whole, healthy, and happy life, then this is the book for you!

Happy exploring!