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What’s that ball of fire in the sky?

It has been a long, dark, dreary, not to mention tremendously precipitous month and a half! I feel like I am a bear coming out of her cavern, as the sun is finally showing through the snow filled clouds, and the temperatures finally have a whiff of spring in them!

This time has been a tricky one, as it has for many in the Northeast; with roof issues, snow banks as high as the cars, and sore bodies from handling it all. I  have not been spared from any of this!

Roof issues. Check! Shoveling, ice chipping, roof raking and putting buckets under leaks with the hopes that they don’t spread! Check, check, check, check!

winter 2015 leakseli2! 010



It has been stressful on my body, and mind, to say the least. I have been fortunate enough, however,  to be under the care of Dr. Ryan Hewitt of Merrimack Valley Wellness Center, and he has been my guardian angel for the last month and a half. Really, I probably would not be walking without him at this point.

If you are in search of a chiropractor who cares about you as a person, and how you eat, move, and think…he’s your man! The practice is the most unique wellness facility in the area, and they are all awesome to work with! Highly recommend MVWC.

The stress of being alone with the kids while my husband spends days and days in a plow truck has not been easy as well. Since my body doesn’t like these kinds of stresses, it decided to tell me in a huge way a few weeks ago. Wham-o!!! Belly pain again, ulcer flaring up, and  some gallbladder pouty-ness too!  What the ?!#@?!!  Well, never fear, with a  few trips to Dr. Dan’s Natural Healing Center, multiple adjustments with Dr. Ryan, and pulling A LOT of food out of my diet, I am feeling great, today anyway.

Although, much of this has been a complete pain in the you-know-what, it is a blessing none-the-less.

A blessing you say? Seriously? Yup.

I am going through this so that I learn, and can help others…that is truly what I am here on this planet to do. …”to enable others to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.” (Woodrow Wilson)

At the end of the day, the mere fact is, we all can  heal our bodies, it’s learning how to keep them well that we need some help with!

summer picnic

Think Spring!