Healthy Eating

What’s on my plate you ask??

I thought that I would post a little day in the life on Jody, when it comes to food these days. Not in a toot-my-own-horn sort of way, but as a way to help folks who are making the transition into eating paleo/primal/real food.  Or for those who are removing certain things like gluten from there diet.

Keep in mind that there are certain things that are “paleo” by nature, but they do not serve me and my constitution, so I choose to avoid them in order to fell better overall. My joints, and digestion, notice instantly when I waiver!


So here goes:

Wednesday…breakfast was 2 fried eggs in coconut oil, 3 gluten free pork breakfast sausage, 1/4 cup (or less) of sauerkraut (Kuhne  brand is my favorite) and a blueberry lemon muffin(from Practical Paleo), with a cup of coffee with full fat coconut milk. This filled me until 2pm, yes, ladies and gents I said 2pm! I had this  nutrient dense breakfast with the kids at 7:30am!! No need to graze all morning.

Lunch was leftover Turkey apple scramble that I made for breakfast Tuesday morning with a half of avocado on top, and banana. That’s was all that I needed.

Dinner was meatloaf, made with grass fed beef from Eva’s Farm Organic Butcher Shop, I also filled it with shredded carrots, diced red onion, cilantro, almond meal and egg with spices of course. I had a half of a large baked sweet potato  and a big cup of broccoli, both with a tsp. or more of grass fed butter on top, of course. I also had a few slices of avocado with my meatloaf, as I LOVE it that way. No need for ketchup or other condiments.

I made a dozen Chocolate Coconut Cookies from Practical Paleo, for an after dinner treat for everyone, and had two.  Then some ginger peppermint tea before bed.

paleo plate

That’s it! Three full plates, full of quality nutrition. My brain was clear, my body felt great, and that’s what matters.

Where’s the rice? Where’s the pasta? Where’s the bread? Where is the mid morning snack???DONT NEED IT!!