Healthy Eating

Brrr!…Step away from that salad!


This is a two part blog today, the first part is because, well, its freakin cold out today. As a lover of winter, and true New Englander, I am always dressed weather appropriate, but EATING for the weather is important also.

Seasonal eating is very important to take into consideration for a lot of reasons.  Freshness of produce and the types of produce that is available at a given time of year makes a world of difference.  Eating when its hot is simple; eat cooling foods, i.e. salads, raw fruits and veggies, lighter animal proteins.   Eating when it’s ridiculously cold, like today, is a bit harder.

8 days into 2015 and your probably still on your resolution bandwagon and trying to eat healthy salads everyday…well stop that now!

I just mentioned that salads are cooling foods. You can still have a healthy, leafy salad filled with amazing phytonutrients and a drizzle of olive oil, just have it as a side after you eat some amazing protein with quality fat.

“WHY? I am trying to lose weight!” you say….well just eating meat warms your body up.  Its called thermogenesis. And fats and proteins can help warm you, as well as, yes, help you lose the pounds you promised yourself in 2015!

Thermogenic foods may help increase metabolism and calorie burning by enhancing thermogenesis, a process in which the body burns calories to utilize the foods you have just eaten, converting those calories to heat. Your body mainly burns calories consumed through maintaining its regular metabolic functions and through physical activity; however, a small percentage, about 10 percent, of calories are burned through diet-induced thermogenesis.


And secondly, I posted a picture of the almonds that I soaked and dehydrated over the weekend as part of my weekend prep, and folks were truly interested. So I’d thought that I would post that info here.

You all know that I am a fan of batch cooking on the weekend to make my life simpler. It really makes a huge difference, especially by Wednesday or Thursday when the cupboards and refrigerator get a little more sparse.  It takes the guess work out of what to put in Lily’s lunch, or what’s for breakfast tomorrow, or what we will eat for lunch at home. So this is what I prepped for this week, and we are still eating all of it!





  • A BIG pot of veggie soup; onions, carrots, celery, summer squash, garlic, and kale with my own bone broth, turmeric, parsley, thyme, sage, and sea salt. Simple and I am eating some now (with last nights leftover meatballs, this mornings leftover bacon, and some avocado)!
  • Cut celery and carrots sticks, ready to crunch for snacks.
  • Cranberry chicken salad, made from leftover roast chicken, celery, carrot, cranberries, and my own mayo
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Diced, fresh pineapple
  • Kale chips, here’s my favorite recipe
  • Soaked and Dehydrated Crunchy Almonds


Take plain almonds and put them in a Tupperware bowl that can be covered, cover with water  adding a few inches more, they will soak up a lot of water. Add a pinch to a tsp. of sea salt to the water and let them soak for 8-12 hours on the counter. (Other nuts have different times FYI). Pour the nuts and dirty water through a strainer and rinse very well. Put the nuts on a dry kitchen towel and let dry completely. Then put on cookie sheet and bake at lowest temp your oven will go, ours goes to 170 and that works well, too high and they will burn. You can use a dehydrator if you are lucky enough to own one. Bake for 10-12 hours, remove from the oven, and let them cool. Add another pinch of sea salt and store. We do this while we are sleeping.

Why, you ask? Can’t I just eat them from the bag? Well, yes of course you can, but if your digestion is off in anyway, they may cause discomfort eventually causing more dysfunction of your digestive system.  Soaking and dehydrating them helps to break down the phytates, which are anti-nutrients produced naturally by the plant in there own defense. Also, raw nuts may contain parasites for soaking and dehydrating will kill them, making them healthier to eat.

Here’s to having good food to eat, and warm clothes! Cheers!