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Now what do I eat???…


I have a trillion thoughts in my head this morning, which is great for anyone seeking information, but it may be a bit jumbled from brain to text, so bare with me!

I have been reading lots of ‘resolution’ articles,as well as the usual eat this diet according to the ‘rules’ style posts, and it got me to thinking…  People need information as to what to eat after they remove all of the allergens/bad-for-you-foods.

books at store

“Which do I choose?”

diet books“So many choices!”

So this is the primary purpose of this blog, as well as some resources that I love for folks who need more…

Ok, so this is the year! You are making health changes. Ditching sugar! Banning wheat! Eating more green leafy’s!Awesome, but why are you removing these things? Is it on trend in social media? Did GMA recommend these changes? Again, knowing your why, like I spoke about in a recent post , is crucial to your success. The why in regards to science is important as well.

Lets talk a bout inflammation for a minute. Chronic inflammation can be the root cause of many, if not all, of your daily health concerns. But which came first, the inflammation or the weight gain/metabolic dysfunction? Not sure, but lets find out more.

Often we find that these conditions actually go hand in hand, as excess body fat increases the levels of inflammatory cytokines and has an adverse effect on protein synthesis and muscle function, resulting in difficulty losing weight. Furthermore, increased adipose tissue leads to increased levels of insulin resistance and estrogen imbalances, causing additional inflammation. (1)

Vicious cycle right?!

Even if you are not struggling with weight issues, you may find  chronic inflammation in your body from poor diet, alcohol and tobacco abuse, environmental toxins, GMO’s, mental and emotional stress, excessive exercise (overtraining), lack of sleep and even age.  Folks usually don’t realize that they even have high levels of inflammation until there is a list of issues that they are needing help with.(2)

So how do you know if you have chronic inflammation going on, without having an array of symptoms?  Talk to your healthcare practitioner and have some blood work done; CRP (c-reactive protein), white blood cell count, albumin levels, and alike.

If you feel like there are issues with inflammation going on you can do some simple tweaks to your diet and lifestyle to remove it:

  • Remove refined carbs and sugars!
  • Eat more veggies and fruits, a.k.a. phytonutrients (broccoli, green leafys, berries, green tea). The best replacements for carbs and sugars.
  • Eat more quality fats, and watch your omega-3, omega-6 ratio. (grass fed beef and wild caught  salmon are high in omega-3’s which are anti-inflammatory, conventionally raised chicken and refined seed oils are high in omega-6’s, a.k.a. pro-inflammatory foods)
  • Avoid allergens, and figure out which ones are the culprit.
  • Move, but don’t overtrain! Exercise in a manner that is appropriate for YOUR body!
  • Be sure you are getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals; vitamin D and magnesium are typically deficient.
  • Take good care of your gut! Probiotics, fermented foods, bone broths, gelatin rich foods etc.
  • Manage stress, and foster good relationships.
  • Use anti-inflammatory spices and foods daily; turmeric is a superstar!
  • Keep in balance. When ever there is an inbalance, that’s when things turn ugly!

food can be poisin

I know this is a lot of information to grasp all at once, but go at it slow and be kind to yourself. You are already awesome, so adding these tweaks will just make you the rockstar you were meant to be!

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1,2 Jason Kremer DC, CCSP, CSCS, Chronic Inflammation and Metabolism,