Healthy Eating

A Kids Tale…well, kind of!

I typically blog about my own personal health  journey; the kinds of things I am eating, the movement I am partaking in, and the goals I have for myself. But this post may be helpful to any parents out there that read my blog. Just thought I’d share.

So we have been eating paleo for over three years now, and yes our kids have too.  However, there are those times, like the holidays and special gatherings where they get to indulge in foods that we wouldn’t normal serve in our home.  And up until recently that hasn’t been a problem…but maybe it has been a problem that took some time to rear its ugly head.

Spring of 2014, Lily started losing quite a bit of hair when brushing or washing it in the shower. I called her pediatrician after a few days of consistently seeing clumps of hair in the drain, and after discussing it she didn’t feel like it was anything to cause alarm. Maybe the change in seasons was causing her to lose the visible amounts, or maybe she had a fungal infection cause seborrhea (waxy dandruff).

Summer seemed to be fine as wine. Then fall came and whamo; here we were again. Clumps of hair in the drain!

I trusted my instincts and called the doc again to order  some blood work.  Her  ANA came back borderline.  Now false positives are common here, and it doesn’t necessarily mean she has an autoimmune issue, but it also doesn’t mean she does not have one either. Knowing my family history , I was not going to take the chance.

Off to Dr. Dan’s Natural Healing Center we went, and low and behold, just as I suspected all along, food was the culprit!Gluten and Dairy to be exact. These little indulgences she had been participating in were causing a Celiac response, causing the hair loss, and the attention concerns we had been seeing for the last year! Boom; she is completely dairy free (no Kerrygold Cheddar or anything) Gluten free/Grain free! No more allowing her to be 80/20 paleo.

Lily is the perfect example of how “a little bit can hurt you”.  I have to be strict with my nutrition, so why would my kids be any different, right!?

I am excited actually; not excited that she lost hair and is having focus issues, but excited that she has the opportunity to feel AMAZING, and to know what fuels her and what hurts her.  Most people don’t get that opportunity in their entire lifetime!Thanksgiving 2014 008

Here is a great article for the paleo mom, on this subject.