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Change Things Up A Bit

Well, we survived the holidays! A houseful of colds, but survived nonetheless!  How about you?

Hopefully, you came out unscathed, and  motivated for the year ahead!

As I was just making some sweet potato, ham and greens soup from leftover ham we served on Christmas Eve, I was thinking about the ‘resolution-fest’ that is going to be happening soon. You know, everyone talking about what they want to achieve in the year 2015.  It got me to thinking; what if you just changed things up a bit in the way of thinking and goal setting this year?

Here are a few things to think about…

First, examine “why” you are even setting a health goal in the first place.  To fit into smaller jeans? To make your ex jealous? Or do you truly want to make a difference in the blueprint of your health? I choose the latter! All of those other reasons are easy, and common, and are not reasons that will impact your lifestyle in such a way that it can be sustainable and life long. So really search deep here. Think LONG TERM! That’s the ticket!

Secondly, go easy! Don’t just throw everything  out of your fridge and pantry in a panic. I use these words with every client when talking about sustainable changes; “baby steps”. Rome was not built in a day right?! Breathe, center yourself and thoughts, and begin your new healthy life with a clear head, rather than dive in head first without a helmet! That does not serve anyone.

Also, be flexible with yourself.  I promise you, that if you are rigid in your mindset with phrases like, “I can’t have that”, or ” I am not supposed to eat that”, or “this is not on the list of foods”, YOU WILL FALL OFF THE WAGON! It is the Law of Attraction.  The more you think about the beer, or the  M&M’s, or the submarine sandwich, the likelier you will be to partake in such an event. Now I am not saying that you should cheat (NOPE), but I am advising that you give yourself a break and not beat yourself up.  Changing your mindset is crucial here. Reframe your phrases; “I am so fortunate to be able to nourish my body in such an awesome way”, and  “I feel so fabulous eating this way and fueling my body with what it deserves”.  Try it!

And finally, get some support from folks who “get you” and what you are trying to achieve. Avoid the nay sayers with a 39 and a half foot pole (The Grinch has been playing in my house for weeks now!), but also don’t be that girl/guy who make others feel guilty about their food choices.  Support those folks, even though your goals are not the same.  Who knows, your healthful choices may rub off on them.  It may just turn out to be an amazingly, positive relationship with astounding results!


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