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As the holiday creeps closer…

Thanksgiving 2014 007

As the holiday creeps closer to us here at the Hawkins household, I am finding myself a bit more loosey-goosey when it comes to food for my kids this year.
GASP you say! Well, its ok, I think to let my kids have a few candy canes and a couple of cookies from who knows where; its not like they eat them all year long!

I felt like I wanted to let this little thought out of my head, because there is a time for being strict and thinking ahead about future health complications, and there is a time to just have fun.

So yes, they still eat what I make for meals, which is the best nutrient dense foods we can prepare, but when we are out and about they indulge in some ‘fun’ foods. (within reason)

Thanksgiving 2014 003 Thanksgiving 2014 004

As a parent we put enough pressure on ourselves to be perfect and do everything right. Well, perfection is not attainable, nor is it necessary. Our kids will love us for feeding them grass fed beef, and they will also love us for letting them have a candy cane on Christmas. Take the stress off of the list, and just roll with it!

Another way of taking the focus of treats this season, and I am enjoying this also, is watching holiday movies, listening to non-stop Christmas radio, and watching my kids eyes light up as they check out the dancing Santa’s at the store! They love the spirit of it and that makes me have even more spirit myself!

Thanksgiving 2014 014

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