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Storm Food…

As we have a bit of a storm brewing here in New England, I am posting a little on how we prepare. Maybe you don’t prepare, but after living in rural New Hampshire for 6 and a half years and losing power daily when the first flake fell: WE DO!

snows coming

So of I went today to get some more staples; butter (Kerrygold), organic eggs, Larabars, bananas, gluten free cookies for the kids, pecans and almonds, coconut flakes, Tanka Bars, gluten free bread for the kids, 2 gallons of spring water, a pound of grass fed beef, cantaloupe, and batteries, candles and toilet paper of course. I always have storm food in my cellar for real emergency situations. Some of this stuff isn’t typically on our table, but I am a realistic mom and if there is no power and no way to cook a Paleo dinner, my kids will do fine with almond butter and all fruit sandwiches!

I made muffins last night, and hope to whip up another batch of something tomorrow.

Why do I prepare so much? Well I have a 21 month old who eats NONE STOP, a 9 year old who does also, and a husband who has a very active job and plows, so he will need extra food for a potentially long night.

This saves me money for sure; NO TAKE OUT BILLS or drive thru’s for us. I know that if the power goes out we will be just fine hunkered down, all comfy and cozy together with yummy snacks!

I smell of snow!!!!! 007

Let it snow! And be safe!