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Looking for a great holiday gift idea?!

There are so many ideas for gifts swirling around out there, but one of my favorite ideas are books or ebooks!

What better what to say “I care about you” then by getting someone a gift that can literally  change their life.



Meet Liz Wolfe!!…


She is an amazingly witty, and highly intelligent Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and author of Eat The Yolks,  that I have been following for a few years now. Her approach is balanced, not to mention sometimes hilarious, and she created the Skintervention Guide.  It’s a amazing  resource for all things skin..rash, it’s here, excema, its here, acne, its here…get the picture!


Buy this for yourself or anyone on your list who has struggled with skin issues and/or digestive issues (YES THEY ARE CONNECTED), it just may be the best Christmas ever!