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Fun Movement…there is such thing you know!

naked eli fall and salem 2014 023This past weekend was filled with me and the kids( Bernie worked all weekend), and fun adventures.  Saturday we  took a trip to Endicott Park, which Lil and I hadn’t been to in a long time, and Eli had never been.  So it was long over due because there is so much to see and do there!



Between the farm animals, the pond, the nature trails and the awesome park structures, we had a blast!  Mom, Lil and Eli all got some great, functional movement in, on a beautiful sunny, fall day.

Not only did we all get movement in, but we got to spend time with each other.  Having both of my kids together, without Bernie around, is a lot more work for me but I get to witness both of their little faces light up, and that is so worth the chaos!

naked eli fall and salem 2014 013

Sunday, we had breakfast out as a family of four, it happens very infrequently, but it does happen.  Then I hopped back in the car with the kids and drove to Salem, MA for our annual Haunted Happening adventure.  Again, it was a brisk, fall day and we walked, and walked, and walked our way through historic downtown Salem.


During both of these days, no one complained about climbing too much or walking too far because everyone was having a good time ‘moving’! Not in a forced-march type of way but in a ‘I want to keep climbing and walking’ kind of way.

naked eli fall and salem 2014 019 naked eli fall and salem 2014 021





My hope as a mom is that my children understand that exercise and movement are different, and both have there place in a healthy life. To me, however, daily movement is more important; it fulfills a body and mind in such a greater way!

naked eli fall and salem 2014 016