Get Active

No time for the gym? Well, thats ok…

Having a 4th grader, a 20 month old, a husband,  a house to manage, and a business keeps me very busy these days.  That being said, finding time to get to Crossfit Full Potential these days has been impossible. Time is not on my side! It’s unfortunate but doesn’t mean that I don’t get in quality movement each days (or at least most days anyway).

I have had to be creative and keep it simple, but it is working for me.

I put Eli in the jogger each morning after Lily gets on the bus, stream some music on my phone, and walk for at least two miles. Most of which are strategically hilly! Then when we get back I so some body weight movement in the yard, be it air squats, planks, bear crawls, or  some sit ups.  I have even found some good-sized boulders from the yard, and have them ready to squat with them or just do long carries in the yard.  The kids’ swing set works well for ring rows, and a variety of short burst types of movements.

I even make my movement during daily activity “functional”.  As I am taking laundry out of the washer I am squatting like a boss, working on great form of course.

Using Eli as a weight is the most fun of all. He enjoys every bit of “moving” with mommy, and it keeps me calm by eliciting good-feeling hormones!

Now being in the gym gives me a whole different sense of accomplishment, lets face it a 160 pound deadlift is not the same as lifting rocks. But I am taking whatever steps necessary to keep moving forward!

Happy moving!