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How I Got Here

The next few blog posts are going to be detailing the “how I got here” aspect of my practice. Not the specific nutrition program per say, but the “what brought me to health and nutrition coaching” part.

I know that, for me, when I follow any one, whether it be on social media, magazine articles, or books, I usually identify with some part of their story. That’s what draws me to them.  So I thought it would be beneficial to tell my story.

I thought breaking it up would be easier to digest….totally an intended pun!

Almost nine years ago after having Lily, who is now 9 and 1/2, I started to develop some pretty serious digestive issues.  At first, it seemed like a basic constipation problem but then the bloat, stomach distention, obscene gas, acne, and fatigue set in. What the hell is this, I thought!

I had a new baby, so I needed to be on top of my maternal/domestic goddess game. I was not!

I can literally remember seeing my stomach move as if there was something in there, and after Lily’s birth I started to wonder if there wasn’t something foreign in there!…Alien anyone!   When I would get a ‘gas bubble’ I could put my hand on the spot, push on it and move it. So weird, not to mention painful. I started to think that after my C-section the surgeon didn’t put all of my organs and intestines back into the right spot.  So as you can see already, this wasn’t the run of the mill occasional constipation thing.

tummy pains

I asked my OB/GYN just that at my check up, and her response was, “that’s just weird”. Huh? Really?! I am a sleep deprived, stressed out, always-in-pain mother, and that’s all you got for me!

So, I dove in head first. Researched my symptoms on-line, in books, and anywhere else I could get information that actually gave me solutions.

My first finding was Candida overgrowth. After having a C-section I was put on antibiotics to protect me from infection post-op. However, these antibiotics gave me one pain in the neck, or I should say “pain in the boob”!

I developed yeast in my milk ducts 6 weeks after starting to nurse Lily, Lily was being treated for Thrush, and it lasted for another two months or so, even after the weeks of antifungals they put me on. So obviously, my inner flora was a bit as cue, then I got two UTI in the months after this. Never had one in my life, prior to this.

Months and months later I learned that these nuisances were due to the elimination of the beneficial gut bacteria post op, and so those opportunistic fungi could move in and invite their whole damn family while they were at it!

Well folks, this was really the beginning of my journey. Why was this happening? I wasn’t just concerned about getting rid of it, but I wanted to know the why’s and how to prevent it from happening again. Years, and years of trying this, testing that, visiting different specialists all led me to where I am today.

Eat real food, sleep (a lot), manage stress, play, and move your body in which it is appropriate to your body.

So as you can see, my  posts  encouraging you to drink bone broth, eat fermented foods or include probiotics in your daily diet are all from experience!  My years of pain, frustration, and worry set me on my quest for optimal health and it is my duty to share my findings with whomever wishes to receive them.  Heal your gut, and the rest will heal itself.

Side note; I never, post or suggest anything that I haven’t personally had experience with and/or don’t feel is important to our health.

Stay tuned for my next post concerning Adrenal and cortisol issues…