Everyday Wellness


It’s been a while since my last post but we have been very busy around here these days. Everyday we are busy with classes, errands, lazy-summer-fun, and most importantly, getting healthy!

I am feeling better as each week passes, although I do have days of “ickiness”, but that is to be expected I suppose! Sleeping better, eating great, moving a lot, and exploring more challenging movement. So good stuff all around.

However, another wrench thrown into the works is that Bernie is now being treated for Lyme! What are the odds of that?! He was on antibiotics two days after the spot showed up and he already feels a ton better! Thank god for that! It was down-right ugly, and symptoms set in an hour after he got out of the doctors office; so we caught it just in time!

This is the reason the Lyme came into my world; so that I could help him! What greater “gift” to be able to help support my best friend with this insidious disease!

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So as I am winding down with summer-kiddom, I am thinking toward fall.  I am getting ready start taking on new clients…I am back in the game baby!