Everyday Wellness

Things are looking up…with a twist!

I finally had my appointment with Dr. Dan this past Wednesday, and after a very thorough exam with he and the NTP’s there, we discovered a few things.

First and foremost, there was no indication of Lyme! None!

Soooo, either the medication and protocols worked as we caught it fast, OR the test was wrong; or at least picked up the wrong thing.

What we did find was that I have parasites. Sounds gross I know, but it is so common.  This is the  second time now I have been told this, and I had been “treated” for them, or so  I thought, 3 years back.  Well it looks like I was bamboozled by that quack, I mean doctor.

Dr. Dan found that my excruciating back pain was an infection in the muscle caused by parasites, as well as in my gallbladder, which explains the two gallbladder attacks since the birth of Eli.  My esophagus showed some uninvited guests as well!

There are obvious nutritional deficiencies because of these little critters, as they are eating all of my home cooked, wonderful food on me! I am getting nothing from it; uh, hello dark circles under my eyes!  For now we are tackling the parasites , then we will address the deficiencies once they have packed up and left.

So how do I feel you ask? I feel pretty good. I do not feel confident in my primary care doctor at this point however. Why you ask?

Well, apparently the blood work I had done, and am still paying for, wasn’t concrete. Perhaps this is why the Lyme test showed two bars rather than the five bars typically found in Lyme cases.  Perhaps it was parasites that the test was picking up? Perhaps I had contracted Lyme from my husband, yes Lyme is passed by sex, and the parasites have been there all along as well? Who knows at this point, but I am no hurry to visit that practice anytime soon.

Either way,  I am kicking ass and taking names.  Walking as much as possible, sleeping  a ton, getting great massage work, chiropractic adjustments, Reiki, and doing some detoxifying wraps at home, as well as a bevy of other DIY tricks!

I feel like I found my mother ship at Dr. Dan’s Healing Center!

As I entered the office of the older colonial building I see two of my favorite resources for sale on the shelves, Practical Paleo and Wheat Belly. As I survey the space, I see the Fermented Cod Liver Oil I take, the Collagen we use, and a host of other books and products that fill my home. As I sit and wait, I listen to the NTP talk to a client about eating more fat, pastured eggs, and grass fed beef, and stay away from grains. (I could have screamed Amen Sistah! But chose to remain quiet, and joyous)  I am home, I have found my peeps!

I have my follow up tomorrow to see how I am progressing on the protocol he has set for me, and feel hopeful that I am well on my way to awesome-ness! Off to mow the lawn…..