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Summer’s Here, Now What?

Now that summer is finally here, so are the cookouts, graduation parties, vacations, campouts etc.  So how do you keep your well intentioned nutrition plan on track.

Well, I say it all the time, but PLAN!

I know, I know, it’s summer and you want to be loosy goosy and not have to be so regimented.  I am not saying you have to be as on  point during the summer when I comes to meals plans, shopping and alike.  What I find helpful is having a nicely stocked fridge and freezer with our favorite grilling foods, and veggies for sides.

Summer is a great time to really tune into your body and to what it needs.  Some days it’s hotter than Hates and the last thing you want to do is cut or chop or cook anything.  So having  spring mix, baby spinach or other lettuce’s on hand that you can whip together a quick salad is perfect.  Salads are cooling foods, so hot days are perfect to have them.  The water content in those veggies help cool you down and add necessary hydration to your hard working, and sweating, body.

Staples like avocados, cucumbers, carrots, roasted chicken, tuna or salmon, olive oil all make for a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

Also, if you feel as though you may not need as much to eat, well then trust that you are getting what your body needs and ignore the clock and play another game of ball with the kids.  We survived for thousands of years without clocks telling us when to eat, or t.v. docs telling us to eat 6-8 mini meals per day.  Just listen to your belly; if it’s grumbling, put something yummy in there!

Basically, enjoy your summer of cookouts, vacations, parties etc., by focusing on the social connection of these events.  Food should not be the focus.  The people you are with may nourish you a whole lot more than some mayo-laden potato salad!

But when you do need to shop for good food to fill your fridge with, try to seek out local farms, CSA’s or farmers markets for the good stuff.  Take your kids so that they can meet their farmer; talk to the folks who are so passionate about changing the world “as we eat it“, they may be on vacation but they can still learn about life!

Here’s to summer; go out there and enjoy every second of it!

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