Get Active

Little By Little

Well, tomorrow will be six weeks since getting the Lyme diagnosis, and things seem to be moving along nicely.

I have less pain, fatigue less,  have more energy throughout the day, my hair seems to be getting thicker and shedding less, and overall, I am feeling better!

I have been moving a lot more as well!  I am walking everyday; some days its a fast-paced walk, and some days its a stroll. I am listening to my body, and mind, as to what I need at that moment. Yoga at least once per week is my therapy, and makes my body feel so great. I have also incorporated more body weight movement; sit ups, planks, and knees to belly on the kids swing set, as well as ring rows.

I want to jump in with body, feet, and arms, and legs…you get my drift…but I know that would only send me backwards. So I have to  put my ego aside, the part of me that wants to kick some serious butt, and be kind to myself.  This is going to take some time, and I am embracing that!

There is so much happening with my body, it’s difficult at times to be patient with the slow results, but I also realize that it’s the ‘slowness’ that  ultimately becomes the healing faculty.