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What’s Next…a little update!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I have been working hard on me! Things seem to be getting better each day, which is making me feel hopeful for what’s to come!

I finished my second round of antibiotics Friday, and I feel like that did the trick! So now what?

Now the real healing begins. I am sleeping better, so that is the first step to getting back on track.  The lack of sleep, due to the unbelievable ache that plagued me all night was just plain crummy.  As the pain starts to lessen, the sleep interruptions do as well.  My body, and brain, can now heal and repair as I sleep.

The pain in my lower back is still really aggravating at times, but is lessening as well.

My lack of short-term memory is a bit less; this was really frustrating!

I have had a Reiki session, a few chiropractic adjustments, and am doing Epsom Salts foot soaks every other night to assist in the detoxification process. Got to get this stuff out, now that it is dead and/or dying!  As part of the detox process, I have a lymphatic massage this week; and am trying to find a little home trampoline to help my sluggish lymphatic system.

I am still sticking with my daily apple cider vinegar, probiotic(high dose), autoimmune protocol regimen that I started with but have added some things in.

L-Glutamine, for gut repair

Collagen/Gelatin, for gut repair as well as to  boost my hair and skin health (my sad thyroid is giving me some hair loss)

Alpha Lipoic Acid; great antioxidant

-B Complex

-Biotin (doubled up)


I have also started seeing a holistic nurse at Advanced Allergy Centers who is working on all of my systems to help my immune system get stronger, so I can fight harder! With that I have an Adrenal Support supplement (major B vitamins) as well as a homeopathic tincture that she made for me considering all of the issues I am having at this time.

I got a new cookbook which I really like a lot The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, by Mickey Trescott. The recipes are simple, and yummy, and her story is inspirational. Anyone who can go from being a sick vegan, to a healthy, robust individual just be making some nutritional changes is ok in my book! I would recommend this for anyone having any sort of ‘autoimmune’ issue.

I am still listening to  my favorite music a as part of my therapy as well. As I type, Bob Marley is singing to me! How can I Not feel better!

I am also, playing with the kids a lot more and getting outside as much as possible!  Between the fresh air, vitamin D, and feel-good-hormones that are induced by playing, I am going to be ‘strong like bull’ before you know it!