Everyday Wellness

Getting to the root…

So I have been busy since my Lyme diagnosis almost two weeks ago…

…I have been researching a little, not too much because I don’t want to make my experience with Lyme the same as all of the horrific stories of others that I see. My experience is different and I want it to remain that way.

I have listened to a great podcast from Chris Kresser on Lyme, which was very helpful.

I have met with a Functional Medicine practitioner, and had an extensive meeting with him regarding my current health concerns. I have a follow up today, where he will recommend further testing and treatment. I am pretty sure he will be looking at some of the underlying cause of my symptoms as well, not just the Lyme issue. Getting to the root of it all, which came first…

I have stayed pretty strict with my eating, as my body can’t tolerate much more than that. I couldn’t even eat salad the other night because my teeth hurt too much!

Besides the proactive work I have doing to help myself through this, there have definitely been the “sucky” times… sleep has been horrible, as I can’t find a comfortable position, and I can’t stay sleeping for long periods of time. Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and tremendous back pain have been a daily, all-day occurrence.  Naps have been required each day, if even for 20 minutes, I can’t get through the day without one. My short term memory is diminishing a bit, and I don’t have great sensory reaction in my toes!

I am pulling back on my health coaching practice right now to focus on ME. I would tell each and everyone of my clients to do the same, and I listen to my own word, “slow down Jody”.  And so I have.

I know I will be back in the saddle soon, and that the awful days will be followed by the ok days, then the awesome days.  For now, I am just happy with being able to chew my food, and hold my kids without pain!

My feeling right now, is that although I feel awful, I am seeing this Lyme diagnosis as a blessing in disguise; a red flag that made us look deeper into symptoms that have been there for years.