Get Active

Lyme Shmyme…

This past weekend was Mothers Day and it was one of my best yet! We stayed very active, which is awesome considering my Lyme diagnosis a few days ago.  I am feeling really good, and so I am going to continue taking advantage of each and every day that I do feel good, and move my body!

We got some much needed planting done, creating a nice little veggie and herb garden in the yard, with the help of our kids of course. Then on Mothers Day we took a family hike at a local treasure, Weir Hill, and enjoyed the phenomenal weather and company. No aches, no pains, and no need for a nap (from mom anyway)!

So yeah, my Lyme test came back positive, but I don’t feel like anything’s different. Because in a word, it’s not!

I am still Jody, mother, wife, health coach, outdoor enthusiast, planet protector, food lover,  and female-MacGyver extraordinaire. No diagnosis of ANYTHING will change that.

Having the ability to be as active as I am is a blessing, and as I watch others, including my own family, need to sit on the sidelines due to health issues, I am determined to stay in the game!

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