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And the results are in….

Let me say first, before I talk about the results of my blood work, how awesome I feel. Within in days of eliminating trigger foods, adding ACV into my daily routine and a few other tweaks, my body felt phenomenal.  Two days ago, there was not a stitch of ache in my pesky right shoulder, wow!  This just goes to prove, that we can heal-thy-selves in regards to symptoms and managing them on our own. Our bodies are remarkable aren’t they?!

Now for the results; dim the lights, here we go… My Rheumatoid Factor (RF)level came back high; should be below 14 mine was 20.  This could mean a few things, one of them being that the elevated RF levels in my blood stream could represent Rheumatoid Arthritis somewhere along the line. Now this isn’t surprising to me due to it being on both my moms side and dads side of the family.

In my research, I have found that this elevated level doesn’t neccesarily mean that I will get RA, because  it could show up high in completely healthy people as well.  What the elevated level could be indicative of is another type of infection going on in the body.  I also learned that  elevated RF levels can be “imposters” in my body that have symptoms similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis.  These are everything from Lupus to Pseudogout, to Lyme disease.

Well Bingo , we have a winner.  I tested positive for Lyme disease!  This explains, SO MUCH.  Although I don’t recall a bulls eye rash or  sudden onset of symptoms, or even a recent tick bite.  But I grew up in the woods, running around with my dog all day in the woods. Ticks crawling about were common to me as a kid, but it wasn’t a concern as it is today.  The most recent tick bite I had was about 12 years ago, and it was a pine tick, not deer, and I went to the doctors right away.  No rash or bulls eye, so I chose not to medicate “just-in-case”.

Just because I don’t remember a specific instance doesn’t really matter at this point, the little bugger bit me and now the bacteria is in there wreaking havoc!  Now what, well typically I would go the slower, more holistic route with things but considering that I was diagnosed with arthritis at the ripe old age of 26, this could be a flare up from a very old encounter; meaning I am taking the two week dose of antibiotics.  Symptomatically, things have already progressed and I cant mess around with chasing symptoms at this point.

That doesn’t mean that I have given in, no it doesn’t. What it means  is that I am going to continue on the Autoimmune Protocol, especially since antibiotic usage increases Candida flares, which I have battled before.  I am also going to up the anty on my antioxidants; vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and add some other supplements like Oregano Oil (natural antifungal), L Glutamine (gut healing), Colostrum (gut healing), L Carnitine, and Pau D’Arco(candida specific), and doubling up my probiotic  along my journey.

It’s crazy, because if I hadn’t gotten these results yesterday I would have thought the inflammation was gone and I was completely in healing mode, as I have been feeling unbelievable! Proving my point, food can be your best medicine as well as your worst enemy!

As far as activity goes, I logged over 10 miles of walking this week with Eli in the jogger, and one day of restorative yoga at home.  My body has been doing what I want it to, and that is so great. I have been listening to what my body needs and long walks outside with the birds singing, and a little one calling “mommy”, has been perfect.

Bug catching and yoga pics 015

My yoga session yesterday, was just what I needed at the end of the week.  It doesn’t have to be in a fancy studio, or with fancy clothes, or fancy people; movement just has to be what YOU, the mover of you, need at that moment.

That’s it folks….onward and forth!