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So you’ve decided to make a change have you?!

road to changeThis mornings post is really just a ranty-question really.  One that I had to get out of my mind none-the-less.

In my practice, I hear a lot of, “I know I need to make a change and eat better”, or comments like that, and although I love to hear those words and get excited for those individuals, I also wonder, do they really?

Is making the decision to change, poor eating habits etc., enough to make it stick? NO!  That is like going to the gym and asking the trainer to lift the weights for you; just signing on the dotted line for your 4 month gym membership does not make you stronger or healthier. The work must be done on your end!

There is a superficial quality to some goals; just stating them or writing them down does not mean that they will be met. Changes must be made. You have got to poke and prod to find what works and how to turn those changes into life long habits.  I love the quote, “Crazy is defined as doing the same thing and expecting a different result”.

So the next time, I hear the words, “I want to change up my nutrition”, I am going to ask first “are you ready to do the work”.

As a health and nutrition coach, I advise individuals as to how to implement changes in lifestyle, food, movement and stress reduction.  Going on this journey alone is an arduous one to say the least, but having someone such as myself to travel along next to you is the key to success. Unfortunately, I can only read the directions off of the map, I can’t steer the car for you!