Healthy Eating

Rainy day muffins!

As I woke up today to the smell of coffee, thanks hubby, I began to get breakfast ready for the kids, filling water bottles and sippy cups then it happened … Powers OUT!  That meant no stove, no blender, or other appliance needed for breakfast making for my family. Camping mode…. I am a pioneer women after-all! Good thing I am a planner too!

The topic of planning comes up a lot in my sessions with clients, and today was the perfect reason for planning.  I had baby custard ready from earlier in the week, leftover scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, fruit, and other little nibbles for everyone to eat! Thank goodness.

After the power came back I decided to make some Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins, from Practical Paleo Food prep and easter 056, in order to have something on hand on this rainy day.  Now if we lose power again, we are ready. And they are just plain yummy!