Healthy Eating

Bok Choy!

1899533_727841740582259_333957214_oOne of our favorite greens is Bok Choy; this baby bok choy was perfect for a stirfry with ground grass fed beef, coconut aminos, and peppers. It’s what was in the fridge, and was perfect!

Bok choy ranks right up with the rest of the dark, leafy greens at the top of any superfoods list. The only problem? Many of us are at a loss when it comes to cooking with this traditional Asian veggie.

In fact, just like kale or Swiss chard, bok choy can be prepared a number of ways — simmered until soft and tender, roasted to brown the edges or raw and dressed with vinaigrette. Try one of these methods, each showcasing the unique flavor and texture of bok choy in a different light.

In a Soup
Seared & Stir-Fried
Wilted over Noodles
Roasted with Salmon
Sliced in a Salad

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Use What You’ve Got!

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